Power Up Your Love Life With Jamaican Power Wine

Everyone knows that rum is the quintessential Caribbean spirit. The region’s fine line up of beers is also revered. West Indian wines, on the other hand, remain largely a mystery to most who’ve never called the Caribbean home.

Ours are not the celebrated Cabs, Pinots, and Malbecs of the world. Instead, Caribbean wines align more closely with tonics. Consequently, they tend to carry more of a cough syrup flavor, with an overly pungent aroma and thick consistency to match.

None of this sounds very appealing, but I’m convinced that no one drinks these wines for the flavor experience. The main draw with these drinks…


Well, supposedly. I mean, at least that’s the imagined magic of Power Wine.

A product of Jamaica, this rice-based wine is infused with an assortment of herbs formally used for the same sort of man-boosting medicinal purposes we all see endlessly advertised in supplements like M-Drive and Nugenix. Horny goat weed, Siberian ginseng, yohimbe – they’re all in there.

Power Wine is Powerful Booze

So too is a good amount of alcohol (ABV: 20%).

The combination of strong booze and herbs in Power Wine is supposed to give men vitality, vim and vigor to party all night, as the case may be.

Personally, I think too much Power Wine would put a man to sleep… assuming he could stomach the flavor.


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