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Add Some Serious Jamaican Heat To Your Happy Hour With a Rum Fire Cafe Fuego

I have a bar in my backyard and love to get creative mixing and inventing cocktails, but I am not a professional bartender. Not by any means. This becomes most readily apparent when we host parties.

The cocktail menu always includes a few of the delicious rum mixes we’ve introduced to you over the years (especially this one and this one).

The problem: I can never seem to make drinks fast enough to satisfy my thirsty and often impatient friends.

Usually, they make me take this as a compliment. The drinks, they say, are too good to savor slowly, leading them back to the bar a bit faster than they might elsewhere. That type of flattery does nothing to help me relax and enjoy my own drink/party, though.

To fix things before my next soiree, I’m turning to Rum Fire.

You remember the bombastic fantastic Jamaican overproof rum, right? Ever since we introduced you, Rum Fire has been making some serious inroads into the U.S. market.

Whereas it was basically only available in Jamaica and select specialty liquor stores in America back then, you can find Rum Fire in the Greater New York area, Pennsylvania, the Carolinas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Texas, California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Florida and more. (See the full list here.)

Availability in Florida, where I live, is a very good thing as I feel like I’m going to be making many a Cafe Fuego at future parties.

The brainchild of Brandon Weaver, owner of Seattle’s Liberty Bar, Cafe Fuego is comprised, true to its name, with Rum Fire and a coffee liqueur like Kahlua.

Combine equal parts Rum Fire and coffee liqueur in your shaker. Add some ice. Shake away. Pour. Enjoy. That’s it!

I’m thinking these half-Jamaican rude boys will be a hit around my bar as they are exceptionally strong. Anyone who throws one of these back won’t likely be returning for seconds too soon, leaving things a bit less hectic behind the stick.


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