King of the World vibes in Jamaica

King of the World Vibes at Poet Reef, Jamaica

Okay, so it’s not the bow of some mighty ship. No matter. Sit perched at the end of the pier at Poet Reef and tell me if you don’t get King of the World vibes. 

As on a ship, churning seas crash beneath you. Instead of a hull, though, they hit ironshore rock at the base of the stone-cut pier.

A steady breeze off the sea, cooling salt spray, and a bevy of birds catching a final sunset snack further echo a sailing motif.

Truly, it’s more than enough to make you raise your hands, DiCaprio-style.

“I’m King of the World,” you might shout…or whisper, or just think quietly to yourself. No matter how it comes out, believe me, it fits.

The amazing staff at Poet Reef make sure of it.

Wish you were here..?

For more on this most incredible corner of Jamaica, be sure to check out the Poetreef Villa listing on Airbnb.

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