Floyd's Pelican Bar Jamaica

Pelican Bar in the Sea, Jamaica and Uncommon Attraction

I’ve never been to Treasure Beach, Jamaica, though I’ve long desired to check in at this amazingly uncommon hotel there. Although when this travel dream ever does come true, I think a good bit of my time in the area will not be spent safely on land at any hotel. Instead, I imagine I’ll be out to sea. Or better said, out above the Caribbean sea at Floyd’s Pelican Bar Jamaica.

Distinctive Floyd’s Pelican Bar

Of all the distinctive watering holes in the Caribbean, Pelican Bar is undoubtedly among the most uncommon. It requires of its patrons a true sense of adventure and a comfort level with a decided lack of comforts to truly appreciate the experience.

Even Robinson Crusoe would likely find the Pelican Bar too spartan for his shipwrecked sensibilities. Its twisted collection of well-weathered woods, tired thatched roof, and lack of terra firma present a bit of a turn-off to the more pretentious among us.

I think it looks fantastic, of course. And I think most uncommon travelers, pretentious or otherwise, would like it if they’d heard the same great stories of the laid-back vibe and good times available therein.

Pelican Bar dream

My good friend and fellow travel industry marketing pro, Javier Morales, has spent more than a few afternoons limin’ at the Pelican Bar. Every time he talks about the place, it’s with a mischievous grin. His words:

A true Jamaican experience… A relaxing oasis completely surrounded by the sea… Just pure fun…

Looks and sounds like a dream, right? Well, the owner, a local fisherman named Floyd, was really and truly inspired by a dream to build the Pelican Bar. Little by little, he hauled old pieces of wood and other materials to a calm and shallow sandbank located nearly a mile out in the middle of the ocean. Slowly building the bar of his dreams by hand.

When the Pelican Bar opened in 2001, Floyd originally intended it to be a personal limin’ spot. A place where he and a few of his fisherman buddies could cool out after reeling in the day’s catch. The bar’s singularly uncommon look and location soon attracted adventurous visitors to the area, who’d hire local fishermen to take them out for a cold Red Stripe Beer and the freshest seafood imaginable with Floyd.

Hiring a local fisherman is still the best way to make the boat ride that should take between 25 minutes to 30 minutes out to the Pelican Bar today.

Area hotels like Jakes can hook you up.

*Lead photo credit: Paul Jonusaitis via Flickr.

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