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Presidential View With A Room at The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

It’s a fairly nondescript Saturday morning cityscape captured from a lofty perch high atop the Jamaica Pegasus hotel. Equally empty tennis courts and parking lots intersected by a thoroughfare bereft of traffic; buildings of various heights trailing off toward the bay –– nothing special, right?

Actually, wrong.

You see, the Jamaica Pegasus is THE hot spot hotel in Jamaica’s capital city. Friends born and raised in Kingston tell me it’s long been the place to see and be seen in the city; a hotel so espousing the height of travel industry glamor and panache that it spurred many locals to pursue careers in tourism.

Attraction to the hotel extends well beyond Jamaica, though.

During my recent visit, I learned that the Jamaica Pegasus is the go-to home away from home in Jamaica’s capital for visiting heads of state, dignitaries, and top CEO’s from around the world. Many of them, including former U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, who visited Kingston in April 2015, enjoy this view from the balcony of the two-bedroom Liguanea Suite located on the 16th floor.


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