Deep Sea Fishing in Jamaica: Saturday Video

We’ve been dreaming a ton about sportfishing lately here at Uncommon Caribbean. Rising with the sun, heading out on the open water, battling beautiful denizens of the deep while throwing back a few cold ones with good friends, and finally cooking up and enjoying our spoils at the close of the day… It all sounds awesome, right?

In our dreams, our sportfishing adventures all turn out this perfectly, but so far, we haven’t actually experienced any of it first-hand!

This is a slight we’re absolutely determined to change at some point in 2014! Only question is, where should we do it?

There exist so many choice deep sea fishing hot spots in the Caribbean that we almost can’t go wrong no matter which one we choose. Right now, though, I’m leaning a bit toward Jamaica. Today’s featured video shows why…

Unfortunately, this video has been removed.

The video was produced by Valerie Busque, a celebrated photographer, and videographer specializing in weddings. Valerie’s work has graced the pages of Mariage Quebec, Wedding Bells, Chic Weddings, and various other bridal publications in Canada.

So, how is it that she’s produced such a tremendous piece on deep sea fishing in Jamaica?

Well, it seems the adventure was part of a bachelor party for a destination wedding Valerie was working in Negril. Pretty cool, huh? Almost makes me want to renew my vows in Jamaica and have Valerie along to capture all the fun.

So what do you think, should the choice for our very first deep sea fishing destination be Jamaica? Let us know if you have a better suggestion in the comments section below…

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