Saturday Video: Remembering the Reggae Boyz’ Historic World Cup Run

With World Cup fever now in full swing across the Caribbean (and virtually everywhere else), we’re taking a look back and saluting Jamaica’s football heroes, The Reggae Boyz. Who could forget back in 1998 when Jamaica became the first English-speaking country from the Caribbean to ever qualify for the World Cup Finals, a feat many in the region thought would never happen. Making the tournament was historic, but when they won their 3rd game 2-1 vs Japan the Reggae Boyz became legends. Remember when by enjoying the video above, which showcases some of Jamaica’s biggest recording artists – Ziggy Marley, Maxi Priest, Shaggy, Buju Banton, Tony Rebel, among them – performing the Reggae Boyz theme song from 1998, Rise Up!

Jamaica United - Rise Up! [Theme Song for 1998 World Cup]

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