Saturday Video: Stick! Stick! Stick!

Remember the great series of Puma ads that debuted ahead of the 2004 Summer Olympics? These are some of our favorite Caribbean-themed ads of all-time because a) they’re funny, and  b) they showcase a very local, down-home side of Jamaica that we love.

Just say the words “stick, stick, stick” and most anyone who was around at the time will know what you’re talking about. What is somewhat less known, however, is that among the young Jamaican runners featured in the commercials is none other than global track and field superstar and reigning world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt. He was only 16 at the time, but already displayed the chops that have made him an icon of sport on the world stage today.

The other Jamaican sprinters featured in the ads are Lorraine Fenton, Davian Clarke, and Juliet Campbell.

Big up, Jamaica!

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