Marley’s Mellow Mood, the Anti-Energy Drink: Taste of the Caribbean

My wife is truly a saint.

And I’m not just saying this because I’m fresh off my latest solo weekend jaunt to my home away from home in Montego Bay either.

If you think I screwed up (again) and planned another biz trip over my wedding anniversary (again), well, you’d be wrong about that too.

Let’s just say that I have more than my fair share of quirks, a couple of which can work to suck the life out of any and all enjoyment my wife might be having at any given time. This is particularly true at bedtime…

And no, it’s not what you’re thinking! (No need for this stuff, or this stuff just yet.)

The real problem is that I am a terrible, Terrible, TERRIBLE sleeper. On a good night, I simply toss and turn endlessly. More often than not, I’m sure it’s like lying next to some demonic cement mixer/jack-hammer combo… set at “high”.

New mattresses, new sheets, new pillows, changes in diet; nothing has worked to calm my horrid sleeplessness.

Then, one day, while shopping at a Walgreens here in Fort Lauderdale, I noticed Bob Marley’s smiling face on a bottle of something called Marley’s Mellow Mood.

Marley's Mellow Mood
Marley’s Mellow Mood/SBPR

My initial thoughts were decidedly less than positive. I’d read many times of the rampant exploitation of the Bob Marley brand over the years. Could this be another example of someone trying to make a quick buck off the likeness and image of one of my all-time greatest heroes?

I decided to buy a bottle and do some research… just, not right away.

That bottle of Mellow Mood sat for weeks at the back of my fridge. All the while my wife endured night after torturous night of my insomnia.

Finally, while surfing the web during the wee hours of one of those sleepless nights, I came across the Facebook fan page for Mellow Mood. Turns out it’s every bit as legit a House of Marley product as Marley Coffee and this cool thing (take note, my b’day is in a few weeks, people).

Okay, so it’s got the right bloodlines, but can it deliver in the sack?

As it says right on the front of the bottle, Mellow Mood is supposed to reduce stress and relieve tension. On the back, the potency of this stuff is further outlined thusly:

This product may cause drowsiness. Do not exceed 2 bottles daily, consumed several hours apart. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after consuming this product. Do not mix with alcohol.

Umm…whoa. What’s in this stuff?

According to the Mellow Mood website: passion flower to reduce anxiety, hops to promote relaxation and inhibit adrenaline, chamomile flower to further reduce anxiety, valerian root to promote relaxation without drowsiness, lemon balm to enhance mood, alertness, and calm, and melatonin to relax muscles.

So, does it work?

Answer: Absolutely, 100% yes!

From the very first sip, I felt the kind of calm you get after a nice, long day lounging on a Caribbean beach. Seriously, as the first taste traveled south into my body, I felt a wave of relief moving with it, instantly putting me at ease.

I drank the whole bottle (16 oz), but probably could’ve been counting sheep after consuming half that amount.

Did I also mention that it tastes great too? Truly a fantastic product that does exactly what it says; I’m hooked!

The green tea with honey flavor is one of five different Mellow Mood varieties. I hope to try the others someday, but for now, I’m happy with what works. If you battle stress and insomnia, try it and you will be too!

Cheers and sweet dreams!

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