Taste of the Caribbean: Pink Ting, World’s Girliest Soda

World's Girliest Soda/SBPR

Could there be a more girly-looking drink anywhere in the world? I mean, just look at this bottle – if there was a life-size Barbie  Dream House (oh wait, there is one?) the fridge would have to be loaded with these Tings…

Now I’ve never been a guy to have a problem with pink. My high school fascination with pink flamingoes probably didn’t help me with the ladies, and the pink cumberbund/bow-tie combo I rocked to junior prom may have contributed to my turning in early despite three dates (no names), but I liked pink, dammit, and I didn’t care.

Even now I don’t really care. Correction, I didn’t care till the other day, when while cracking open one of these pretty pink Jamaican beauties one of my sons said, “Dad, isn’t that drink for girls?”

Yeah, um…not good.

When, at 39 years of age, your manhood gets questioned by your six year-old son, it’s time to change your drink, no matter how delicious and refreshing it may be.

And believe me, Pink Ting is very delicious and very refreshing. A close cousin to Jamaica’s #1 soft drink, Ting soda, which faithful readers will also remember is Patrick’s all-time favorite soda, Pink Ting combines carbonated pink grapefruit juice, a hint of lime and natural sugar sweetening to make even the warmest days more bearable.

Like regular Ting soda, Pink Ting acquits itself beautifully in a strong, masculine, MacGyver-type fashion to happy hour as well. Whether you choose rum, vodka or gin, simply combine with Pink Ting and a dash of bitters for an easy and delightful cocktail manly booze drink that will no doubt put hair on your chest.

For guys, enjoying a Pink Ting mixer in a highball may help to minimize any girlyman teasing from your friends, kids and assorted loved ones. But for those times when non-alcoholic drinks are a must, just make sure you’ve got a brown paper bag handy…


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