The Sweetness of Soursop: Taste of the Caribbean

tru-juice of Jamaica Exotic Soursop Juice
Tru-Juice of Jamaica Exotic Soursop Juice

The other day, our dad came to visit me in Brooklyn and we got to talking about what Stephen and I have been up to with Uncommon Caribbean. He’s a pretty avid reader (hi, dad!), so he’s noticed that I’ve been writing about my favorite West Indian soft drinks like Peardrax, and Mauby Fizz. These posts seemed interesting enough to him, but he had to ask: “Patrick, do you think writing about drinks is really going to get people to travel to the Caribbean?”

The simple answer is “of course not”, but that was never the intention. My real hope is that when any of you good readers are enticed to travel to the region to experience the many hikes, dives, concerts, hotels, and islands we discuss… you won’t quench your thirst with a Diet Coke, but will instead try a Ting soda. You won’t wash down your roti with a Budweiser, you’ll try a Banks, a Royal Stout, a Piton, or any of the other special island beverages we highlight on Uncommon Caribbean.

And that brings me to another decidedly delicious West Indian taste: soursop.

soursop By digitonin via Flickr

Soursop (a favorite of our dad) is a fruit that usually grows to about 10 inches long and has a fairly thin, but formidable, green skin with short spikes. Beneath this skin is a thick, white pulpy flesh peppered with small, shiny, black, indigestible seeds. The thick flesh has a sweet taste, something like a mix between strawberries and pineapples with a uniquely sour hint similar to bananas. Try mixing all that together in your head and you’d be close.

Now, soursop can be made into a whole host of delights like candy and ice cream (don’t even get our dad started), but the main thing I want to focus on today is a delectable version of soursop juice that I found recently, which is bottled by Tru-Juice of Jamaica. Adding a hint of lime, Tru-Juice’s Exotic Soursop with Lime Juice Drink is by far the best mass-produced soursop juice I have ever tasted. It’s still a bit thick and creamy, like an authentic soursop juice should be, and the splash of lime compliments the sweet and sour soursop flavors perfectly.

soursop nutritional benefits
soursop nutritional benefits

And did I mention soursop contains significant amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2? Like most traditional drinks of the West Indies, it’s also good for you! It’s even high in fiber and iron. Additionally, the juice is a remedy for urethritis, haematuria and liver ailments. It’s even said that the juice can speed the healing of wounds! (I hope I won’t be testing that notion anytime soon)…

Anyway, If you want to get a taste of this “superfruit”, try grabbing a bottle today. It’s easier than tramping through the bush and safer than stealing from someone’s yard!

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