Blue Mountain Aromatics Mosquito Repellant from Jamaica: Uncommon Buy

Mosquitoes are a nuisance (or worse) unto themselves, but equally annoying to some are the chemical sprays and lotions we have to use in order to fully enjoy our time outdoors in the tropics.

Indeed, DEET does not only a foul cologne make, but some research also suggests it’s dangerous to our general health and well-being.

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum lies the all natural mosquito repellant made by Blue Mountain Aromatics of Jamaica. I picked up the small spray bottle pictured above on my last visit to MoBay several weeks ago hoping that it would prove more effective than other, more commercial all-natural sprays I’d found in the States previously.

Verdict: This stuff really works!

You tend to have to re-apply it more often than the chemical sprays, but you won’t mind as the scent is so wonderful.

Blue Mountain Aromatics uses a variety of essential oils in formulating its insect repellant – citronella, lemongrass, neem, rosemary, and pimento among them – creating a distinctly tropical aroma that won’t clash with your cocktail dress or fancy guayabera when you’re headed out to dinner in the islands.

At the same time, the mix also contains vitamin E, helping to keep your skin healthy while protecting you from bites.

For more product info or to place an order online, visit Blue Mountains Aromatics on Facebook.

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