The Hermitage Villa

Bluefields Bay Villas, Jamaica: Uncommon Envy

The Hermitage Villa
The Hermitage Villa at Bluefields, Jamaica

You might find this hard to believe, but Patrick has never been to Jamaica.

His uncommon travels have taken him to some truly remarkable corners of our home region (and beyond), of course, but somehow JA’s charms have eluded him. I’m not sure why, but I’m guessing that all the sprawling mega-resorts, faux-local bars and tripe touristy attractions most commonly identified with the island’s tourism product keep his compass pointing in other directions.

This place, I think, might change his course in 2013…

This posh and alluring hideaway is one of the six private, beachfront enclaves that comprise the Bluefields Bay Villas. You’ll find them on the southwest coast of Jamaica where the Bluefields Mountains meet the calm, cool Caribbean Sea. What you won’t find are crowds of tourists, high-rise resorts and their ilk.

In other words, it’s a world apart from the Jamaica my brother no doubt seeks to avoid.

I heard about Bluefields just a few weeks ago from UC reader Nick Malinow. The more he told me of the place, and the more I checked out the Bluefields Bay website, the more envious I got…

Like a lot of my favorite places, Bluefields carries the pedigree of experience. Most of the villas date back 30 years, and many of the staff have worked the property for almost as long, so you can be sure to experience the best of traditional and authentic Jamaican hospitality during your stay. You’re also sure to get the lo-down on all the best things to see, do and eat in the area, an important consideration for our style of wandering, of course.

We’re also not averse to the high life, as we’ve shown on occasion, and Bluefields doesn’t disappoint on that score either. The Hermitage Villa, pictured up top, is the newest and most luxurious. Completed in 1991, it sits on a four-acre beachfront estate that comes complete with over 1,000 feet of private beach!

Hermitage sleeps eight very comfortably, with two spacious master bedroom suites and two smaller bedrooms, gourmet kitchen and expansive living room covering two floors. Western-facing bedroom terraces are perfect for sunsets, while plush canopy beds, and other special furnishings handmade in traditional Jamaican style.

Bluefields bills itself as The Real Jamaica. Here’s hoping Patrick will help me validate that in the New Year…

For more on Bluefields Bay Villas, visit them online, or look them up on Facebook.

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