Rose Hall, home to Jamaica's White Witch

Missing Out on the Ghosts and Spirits at Rose Hall Great House, Jamaica: Uncommon Envy

The most notoriously haunted address in all of the West Indies, Rose Hall Great House, lived up to the hype, at least in appearance, when I visited here a little more than two years ago.

Storm clouds rolled in as if on-cue as I approached the tall wrought-iron gates at the head of the drive up to the mansion for a quick photo-op during the early-afternoon hours. It had been scorching-hot to that point in the day, the sun barely competing with a few wispy clouds during my adventuring atop Mount Zion.

Here, though, within screaming shouting distance of the cursed estate, I felt a slight chill as the wind picked up a notch, bringing ever-darkening clouds that cast an eerie pall over the place.

(For more on what makes Rose Hall Great House so spooky, check this out.)

I wasn’t going inside that day, a decision some might count as pretty smart considering the Great House’s gory history. The promise of lunch treats at the Pork Pit outweighed whatever fears I may have been feeling, and I thought for sure that I’d be back soon enough for a “spirited” encounter with the White Witch of Rose Hall.

Well, 25 months have passed and I’m still no closer to ghost-hunting in MoBay.

How about you? Ever had a close encounters with Annie Palmer or any other spirits at Rose Hall?

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Rose Hall, home to Jamaica's White Witch

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