What’s New Is Old When It Comes to Appleton Estate Signature Blend

Sometimes you just need a change.

New shoes, a different hairstyle, a fresh coat of paint on your walls – just something, anything to add a bit of sizzle to your usual cut of steak.

Appleton Estate Signature Blend represents just such a change.

It’s name and label might seem unfamiliar, but really those attributes are all that’s new about this tipple. That’s because Signature Blend is actually the new name for Appleton V/X, the veritable rock of the Appleton line responsible for elevating many a cocktail with a true taste of Jamaica for generations.

(Check out this recipe for the Jamaicanite featuring Appleton V/X for proof.)

A blend of 15 different rums, each aged for an average of four years, Appleton Estate Signature Blend was bred for mixing. Medium on the sweet scale and flush with tropical fruit aromas and flavors, Signature Blend carries the type of bite you might expect of a rum so young in age.

All that being said, I tend to enjoy it with just a few rocks, especially on a warm day, the melting ice smoothing out Signature Blend’s rough edges as I work my way down the glass.


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