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American Airlines Makes it A Whole Lot Easier to Get to Martinique

For our style of uncommon travel, it generally holds that the best destinations are often the most difficult to reach. Multiple connections, extended layovers, and cramped seating in tiny planes may deter the masses, but for us, the promised reward of truly special experiences and hideaways, like the amazing Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa pictured here, is well worth the trouble.

Still, when our favorite places become more accessible, it’s certainly not a bad thing. Especially when the favorite place is Martinique and the new, expanded air service emanates from Miami International Airport, an easy 30-minute drive from my house.

Yeah, I’m being selfish, but as is plainly obvious in the 100+ posts we’ve published on the Isle of Flowers in the past three years, I LOVE MARTINIQUE! Having easier access to her secret beaches, incredible cuisine, nightlife, nature, rhum, and fun is about as nice a spring treat as I could’ve hoped for this year!

The gifting comes courtesy of our friends at American Airlines, who just launched brand, new nonstop flights to Martinique this past Saturday. These are the first direct flights between the U.S. mainland and Martinique since 2007, so it’s a pretty big deal.

An even bigger deal: the schedule is also a HUGE IMPROVEMENT over the old connecting service.

The new flights operate on Saturdays, departing Miami at 11:40 am, and arriving in Fort-de-France at 2:35 pm, giving you most of the afternoon to get your Martinique travel adventure started. Previous connecting service via San Juan got you into Martinique closer to midnight!

Flights back to Miami leave Fort-de-France at 3:40 pm – much, MUCH BETTER than the old crack of dawn departures that tested the mettle of even the most ardent uncommon traveler. It’s tough to leave Martinique most any time, but when the wake-up call comes at 4 am, it’s doubly so, though not for the same reasons…

To book your nonstop flight to Martinique, visit American Airlines online.

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