Ask Uncommon Caribbean: What’s the Best Spot for Beachfront Camping in Martinique?

 Is it possible to enjoy a camping vacation in Martinique?

It’s a question we receive frequently from outdoorsy uncommon travelers, but sadly not one we’ve been able to answer to date. I may have traveled to The Isle of Flowers 10+ times in the past few years, but I’m usually lucky enough to stay in the island’s more stylish, or swanky (or both!) hotels de charme.

When the closest you’ve come to beachfront camping is shutting off your a/c and opening your window so the sounds of the surf can lull you to sleep in your plush, plunge-pool-equipped luxury suite at Cap Est, you really have no answer for such a question.

Enter Shane Carrick, he of the fruitless, though colorfully descriptive search for Poulet Boucané that we shared a few weeks ago. He’s camped plenty in Martinique. Here are a few of his “insider” tips…

Best camping spot: L’Anse Moustique
If you want to camp on a secluded, almost private beach, go to L’Anse Moustique, AKA L’Anse Meunier. It’s located just south of the town of Saint-Anne and just north of Les Grande Anse des Salines, the most popular beach on the island.

Moustique is my favorite beach on Martinique. Most people don’t know about it except the locals. In fact, I never knew about it when I was living there until one day, after having been in Martinique for almost a full year, my neighbor waved me over to his car and gave me a map with Moustique marked on it. Pretty funny stuff.

What’s to like about L’Anse Moustique
1. There are very few people, so most of the time it’s like having your own private beach.

2. No costs or permits are required, though sometimes you might be asked to move your fire away from the beach so you don’t scare away the Leatherback turtles from nesting – which I have seen there!

3. The Trace Des Caps, a hiking trail that traverses most of the southern part of the island, runs right through the beach, so you can walk into Sainte-Anne for dinner or buy some fresh fish and fruit at the market in the morning. It’s only about a 30-minute walk. Definitely bring a flashlight if you are hiking into town for dinner/drinks.

4. You can walk the other direction to Les Salines, a trip I made daily for the homemade Coco Sorbet lady – just sit on the beach and listen for her bell.

Getting to L’Anse Moustique
To get there from the North, drive south on the D9 highway as if you were headed to Les Salines. About a half-mile before Les Salines, turn right onto a small dirt road. Next, turn left and continue straight until you see a little dirt parking lot. You’re there!

For added help, check out this map showing the route.

*   *   *

Thanks again, Shane, for opening our eyes to another uncommon aspect of one of our favorite islands! If you’ve been camping in Martinique or elsewhere in the Caribbean and have some useful tips to share, please drop us a line here.

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