Canyoning in Martinique Offers Vacation Thrills Fit for a Stuntman

So, you want REAL adventure on your next Caribbean vacation?

You want excitement?

You want crazy thrills some might even call death-defying?

Well, then canyoning in Martinique might be just the thing for you!

Canyoning, also called canyoneering here in the States, basically involves traveling through canyons. As you can see in the video above, though, it only sounds simple.

The terrain is exceedingly treacherous with slippery slopes, deep gorges, dense rainforest, rushing rivers and waterfalls all ganging up against you. To complete your mission, you basically have to do whatever you can to keep going.

At some stages, this might simply involve hiking or swimming – generally pleasant, low-impact activities.

At other stages, you’ll wanna’ tap your inner stuntman/woman and be prepared for anything and everything. Rappelling, climbing, sliding down steep embankments on your ass; it’s all part of the fun and physically taxing adventure of canyoning.

Yes, canyoning tends to leave a mark or two on your person, but did you watch the video?! Truly amazing, remote natural locales like these, with their attendant exotic sounds, smells, wildlife and tastes are certainly worth a few scrapes. No doubt, this experience leave as large an impression on your memory as anything that you may need to cover with a band-aid once you’re done.

Canyoning is offered in a number of Caribbean destinations, but in Martinique it’s especially ideal. A full two-thirds of the island’s 425 square miles is designated as protected park land, ensuring adventurers will always encounter nature in her most pristine form here. This is especially true in the northern section of the island around Mount Pelée where there are a good 20 canyons to explore. The Carbet peaks a bit further south offer an equal number of canyon sites.

Now, a word of caution: canyoning is obviously dangerous, and while you can find trails in Martinique and go it alone, you’re better off hooking up with a local guide. If your French is good, or you can navigate a Google translation, you can find one and access more info on canyoning in Martinique right here. Alternatively, click here to contact my friends at the Martinique Promotion Bureau, and they’ll be happy to get you in touch with the right guide to meet your skills, athleticism… and level of insanity.

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