Caribbean Wallpaper Wednesday: Sailboats off Martinique

Sailboats off Martinique

Sailboats off Martinique

“It’s not far down to paradise; At least it’s not for me”

If you’re of a certain age and especially if you’ve grown up in the Caribbean, it’s likely you’ve heard (and depending on your tastes, been driven crazy by) those opening lines to Christopher Cross’ legendary hit: “Sailing.” Off his Grammy award winning, eponymous debut album from 1979, “Sailing” went on to be a number-one single, Song of the Year, Arrangement of the Year, and helped Cross win the Best New Artist award. I’m not kidding. That album even beat Pink Floyd‘s The Wall for that year’s Grammy!

Now, I’ve never been sailing for more than a quick trip to Buck Island, but that’s all about to change.

In a little over 3 short weeks, I’ll be going on Uncommon Caribbean‘s first sailing adventure through the Grenadines. This isn’t some “three-hour tour” either. The current plan sees us sailing over 120 nautical miles over the course of 8 days! And this isn’t on some giant cruise ship either. (That wouldn’t be very “uncommon” of us, would it?) No, we’ll be setting sail with a boat a lot like what you see in this week’s wallpaper above.

Stay tuned for more details, but in the meantime download this week’s desktop wallpaper to find a little “tranquility” for yourself. And remember:

“The canvas can do miracles; Just you wait and see”

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