Caribbean Wallpaper Wednesday: Saint-Pierre, Martinique

Martinique, St. Pierre

Martinique, St. Pierre

Imagine that beautifully serene bay as a boiling cauldron of death. It’s hard to believe, but that was the case during the 1902 eruption of Mt. Peleé on the island of Martinique. Hot magma rising from the earth’s core and a pyroclastic flow speeding down from the mountain left nowhere to run. It was a tremendous tragedy costing the lives of over 30,000 residents in under 2 minutes. Steve previously told the story, so I won’t go into details, but the reason I bring it up is not to talk about death and destruction, but rather rebirth and hope.

I know it seems hokey. I can’t help it. Every other day, it seems like there’s another catastrophe of such epic scale as to boggle the mind. Looking at this beautiful little village, nestled between a peaceful bay and picturesque, green hills somehow lends a little perspective aided by over 100 years of time.

Of course, getting over disasters doesn’t just happen and the needs of those affected don’t end the moment a new disaster strikes elsewhere in the world, so consider lending a helping hand.

Your efforts may lead to the destroyed places of today being the healed, picturesque places of tomorrow.

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