Coveted Covert Anchorage Among the Mangroves in Martinique

Looks like an anchorage right out of a James Bond flick, the super spy’s ship neatly nestled among a throng of lush foliage ensuring just enough cover to slip into some nearby enemy compound, complete the mission, then sail away undetected…

This, however, is no fantasy, but rather something you can easily experience in Martinique.

Uncommon moorings like this one can be found among the expansive mangroves just offshore the town of Robert on the Atlantic coast of Martinique.

As we’ve no doubt noted before, this area is prime sailing ground combining steady winds from the Atlantic with generally calm seas courtesy of a vibrant fringing reef and string of satellite islets.

Mangroves like these lay scattered about the Bay of Robert, many of them sporting shaded sandy beach areas ideal for picnics and getting up close and personal with the many tropical bird, animal, and plant species that thrive here.

Even if you’re not sailing, you can enjoy a bit of adventuring in the Bay of Robert with eco-adventure ground operators like Fleurdo, which offers kayaking tours in and around the mangroves using Molokini’s with transparent hulls, so you can see the sea life beneath the waves as well.

For more on Fleurdo, be sure to visit them online here.

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