Dates Announced for 2012 Tour des Yoles Boat Race, Martinique

I know we usually reserve the fancy videos for Saturdays, but this one just can’t wait! It captures much of the awesome pageantry that is Martinique’s annual Yoles Boat Race in two minutes, providing the perfect video backdrop to clue you in on the just-announced dates for the 2012 race.

This year’s event will take place July 29-August 5, giving me some nice extra incentive to be there.


Well, as we told you awhile ago, the Tour des Yoles is no ordinary boat race. It’s really as much of a Carnival as it is a sporting event, such is the non-stop party vibe associated with the event, both on the high seas aboard the hundreds of pleasure boats trailing the action, as well as on land during the nightly fetes at the end of each day’s race.

As you can see in the video, masterfully shot and edited by photojournalist Thomas Delorme, the race also keeps alive the legendary tradition of the Yole, Martinican fishing vessels of yore that are as challenging to sail as they are beautiful. Watching Martinique’s master sailors tame the wind while literally dancing upon the waves is one of those truly unique West Indian experiences that define what Uncommon Caribbean is all about.

All of this is well and good, of course, but the really big incentive for me is that my birthday is August 5th!

I’ve witnessed a bit of the Yoles Race from a trail boat before. It was the first stage of the week-long event a few years ago, and I’d say the excitement and anticipation were pretty high. I’m sure, though, that the party vibe on day one pales in comparison to the electricity of the climax of the race.

Sounds like a nice birthday celebration, don’t you think…?

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