Grande Anse-d'Arlet Bay

Grande Anse-d’Arlet Bay, Martinique: View With A Room

Grande Anse-d’Arlet Bay in Martinique is beautiful from any angle. I should know since I visit here on every one of my annual trips to Martinique.

On my last visit a few weeks ago, though, I experienced the beauty of the bay like never before, waking each morning to the view pictured above.

Vantage point: the home of my great friends, Laurent and Véronique.

You may remember Laurent as the celebrated artist behind the Anse Cafard Slave Memorial. His seminal work commemorating a particularly dark chapter in the slave history of the Caribbean sits a short drive south of Grande Anse-d’Arlet Bay.

Original Valere paintings, sculptures, and other art treasures grace interior and exterior spaces throughout his home as well. Colorful and lively, the art blends well with the beauty of the bay and natural surrounds.

Jouissance envelopes everything here. Flowers seemingly bloom brighter; each birdsong somehow sweeter. It’s all made nicer by Laurent, Véronique, and their gregarious hairless dog, Ogoun.

This trip was extra special for me. It was the first time that my wife and kids were able to join me in Martinique, an island that has stolen my heart more than any other place that I don’t have family.

Actually, I should re-phrase that to say more than any other place that I DIDN’T have family.

Yeah, Laurent, Véronique, Ogoun, and this view made us feel THAT special.

I’ll have MUCH more to share on this wonderful spot soon. If you can’t wait, though, check in with Laurent, Véronique, and Ogoun on Airbnb to see how you can share in their special joie de vivre above Grande Anse-d’Arlet Bay.


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