Happy Amid the Haze at Le Coco Bar, Martinique

It’s hard not to be happy at Le Coco Bar,  the iconic beach bar at the historic Hotel Bakoua in Trois-Ilets, Martinique. As we’ve shown before, the bar rests on pylons over the sea, the setting and strong drinks combining to keep you floating above the waves, literally and figuratively.

The magic holds true even on those rare days when the weather’s not entirely ideal, as I discovered on my last visit here in the early-summer months when the annual Sahara dust yielded this rather sultry scene…

No bright-blue sky or bleach-white clouds, no problem.

Even the bartender clanging away at her work in the background does little to take away from the festive mood, and as studies are increasingly showing that the Sahara dust works as a hurricane deterrent, really, what’s not to like…?

For more on Hotel Bakoua and Le Coco Bar, visit them online.

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