Hotel L'Impératrice Chambre 43

Hotel L’Impératrice Chambre 43 – View With a Room in Martinique

If you ever go to Martinique Carnival, you’ll definitely want to stay at Hotel L’Impératrice. The venerable old city hotel sits at the epicenter of Carnival revelry in Fort-de-France. Most of the hottest action happening in the streets plays out right outside the hotel’s front door. This is also why you’ll want to be sure to book Hotel L’Impératrice Chambre 43.

Room 43 sits dead-center of the hotel’s top floor. The superior room is spacious and comfortable. Like every room at L’Impératrice, it’s also tastefully outfitted. Classic mahogany furnishings echo the West Indies of yesteryear. Broad windows wrapping around the south and west walls provide ample natural light.

Hotel L’Impératrice Chambre 43 Morning View

The view from the Hotel L’Impératrice Chambre 43 windows, pictured above, is fantastic first thing in the morning. Dawn’s early light breaks over Fort Saint Louis. La Savane, the Fort-de-France Malecon, and Rue de la Liberte are all slowly imbued with an enchanting orange glow.

With the windows open, I delighted in the smells and sounds of the city stretching itself awake.

The scent of baguettes, pâtés antillais, and other bakery treats drifted up from the cafe at street-level below. Cars and buses murmured along amid the whimsical melodies of tropical birds. Just a few blocks off to the east, the bells of Saint Louis Cathedral rang out. The atmosphere: magique.

Martinique Best Carnival Magic Trick

It’s so magical, in fact, that you’d never know that the wildest street party of the year had just wrapped up a few hours prior. One of the most amazing things about Martinique Carnival is the way in which the city of Fort-de-France takes care to clean itself up following each night of revelry. Cleanup crews fill the streets in the wee, small hours between the last fete and sunrise ensuring that with every Carnival dawn, the city reflects the very picture of absolute renewal.

There’s no better place to see it, and enjoy a birds-eye view of the Martinique Carnival fun than Hotel L’Impératrice Chambre 43.

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