Ilet Loup Garou

Look – But Don’t Touch! – Ilet Loup Garou, Martinique

Some of the most amazing things you’ll see at sea are really only ever meant to be seen. Case in point: the thin swath of sand pictured above. This is Ilet Loup Garou, photographed from about as close a distance as most of us will ever have a chance to enjoy it.

Centrally located off the east coast of Martinique, Loup Garou is one of 10 islets in the Bay of Le Robert. Together, the islets and their attendant reefs form a natural buffer protecting the mainland from the churning surf of the Atlantic. The setup creates something of a wide, calm intracoastal playground. Conditions here are absolutely perfect for sailing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, kayaking, and other water sports fun.

You can island-hop among many of the 10 islets off Le Robert. A few like Ilet Loup Garou, however, are absolutely off-limits.

Ilet Loup Garou Environmental Protection

Beginning in 2002, Loup Garou gained full environmental protection to help preserve its fragile natural habitat. Violators face stiff penalties, possible imprisonment, and shame.

A couple days after sailing around the islets of Le Robert recently, there appeared a story in the local newspaper of a group of trespassers caught out at Loup Garou. This was no minor news story buried near the classified’s, mind you. It was right smack dab on the front page!

No doubt, the mere sight of Ilet Loup Garou will tempt you to come ashore. It always does for me.

This is one paradise, though, you’re better off admiring from afar…

*Lead photo credit: Doud_fly_kiter via Flickr.

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