Îlet Tartane, Martinique

Ilet Tartane – Tiny Islet Escape in Northern Martinique

Ilet Tartane doesn’t have quite the same cachet of other offshore islets encircling Martinique.

There’s no rustic romantic hideaway here like the one at Ilet Oscar. You won’t find any centuries-old fortresses, like the one that crowns Ilet Ramier, either.

Ilet Tartane doesn’t carry the same protected status as Ilet Loup Garou or the incredible scuba diving of Diamond Rock or Ilet La Perle. Even Ilet Thierry benefits from sitting next to Josephine’s Bathtub.

So, what does Ilet Tartane have to offer? 

The tiny volcanic islet sits just offshore the city of Tartane in northeastern Martinique. A cozy shelter sits just back of a small dark-sand beach. Though mostly a haven for fishermen, the islet is also popular with visitors keen on a little private island seclusion.

Views from the islet of its namesake city and the Caravelle Peninsula to the east must be pretty spectacular as well. 

Sounds pretty good to me. Especially that seclusion part.

Wish you were here..?



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