Keep Chik V From Slowing You Down With Calm Chik Herbal Tea from Martinique

It feels like you fell off a two story building and broke every bone in your body.

This was how the ill effects of Chikunguna were first described to me by a friend who had contracted the virus in the early weeks of summer last year. The virus, soon to be nicknamed Chik V, had just arrived in the Caribbean from Asia, spreading quickly via mosquitoes and giving more people more pause about visiting our islands than anything in recent memory.

Taking a few extra precautions – packing and wearing more long pants and long sleeved shirts than usual (summer heat be damned!), enduring more frequent applications of insect repellant, etc. – helped to keep us free and clear of the menace despite our usual spate of trips throughout the islands. Still, I kept a watchful eye out for local bush tea remedies that might combat Chik V.

As noted before, we’re kinda’ big on homegrown West Indian remedies. So, imagine my glee at finding the bag of herbal goodness pictured above on my last visit to Martinique!

Calm Chik is not a cure for Chik V, but rather does just what its name implies – calms symptoms associated with the Chikunguna virus. I know because I had a friend from St. Croix try a cup this past Saturday in an attempt to ease joint pain she’s had due to Chik V for the past six months.

When she awoke Sunday morning, the pain was virtually gone.

The magical healing powers of tumeric and allspice no doubt play a big role in reducing pain and swelling. This wondrous herbal blend also packs papaya, ginger, and basil giving it a delicious flavor and aroma born of love… literally!

L’Herboristerie Créole, makers of Calm Chik and a number of other all-natural herbal products, was founded in 2012 by a local Martinican couple in love with their beautiful home island and all the rich agricultural medicines that have been used there for centuries. According to their website, everything L’Herboristerie Créole makes is out of respect for human health and the environment, so it’s no wonder their Calm Chik works.

Look for Calm Chik at gift shops and stores around Martinique, or contact them to see if you shipping can be arranged to wherever you are.

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