Me at La Plage des Salines, Martinique | SBPR

Reveling In La Plage Des Salines, Martinique

The water was murkier than I expected. Runoff from a recent spate of heavy rains and some rough surf burst a bit of the bubble I’d built up in my mind over La Plage des Salines over the years. Though I have enjoyed frequent visits to Martinique since 2008, I’d somehow never made time for a beach lime at the island’s most celebrated sandy shores. Now I was here and feeling somewhat underwhelmed. All that changed, though, once I actually got out in that water. There was something singularly soothing about the sea here; something magical in the murk. Not sure what the real deal was with the water, but for me, this dip was nothing short of therapeutic. Even the surf subsided a bit while I bobbed around. One way or another, Martinique always makes right with me.

Wish you were here..?


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