Ti' Sable Martinique lounging in style

Très Stylé Lunchtime Lounging the Day Away at Ti’ Sable, Martinique

Your boat lies just offshore, safely anchored in the shallows. Nicola Conte fades seamlessly into Hall & Oates, then over to La Femme as you kick off your shoes. Instinctively your toes dig into the sand as you settle into your seat. Coconut palms dance around you in the breeze. A champagne cork pops life into a neighboring table. Laughs ensue as waves lap at the shore just a few yards away. You take a deep breath, exhaling every ounce of stress. This is lunchtime lounging at the fabulous Ti’ Sable Beach Bar & Restaurant in Grande Anse-d’Arlet, Martinique.

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Sexy Ti' Sable Soundtrack make lunch memorable in Martinique

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