Making Ready For More Martinique

In a year that’s seen me finally make first-ever dream come true visits to a number of “new to me” destinations, it only seems fitting that my last Caribbean adventure of the year should bring me back to the warmly familiar surroundings here…to Martinique.

No, I haven’t forgotten my Crucian roots. As mentioned last week, for me, there is truly no place like home.

Martinique, though, comes in a close second.

I’ve traveled here for UC and my day job more often than anywhere else in the Caribbean over the past eight years. In that time I’ve picked up only a few cursory French terms…even less Creole.

The right words aren’t always necessary when you make a deep connection with someone – or as I’ve found with Martinique – someplace.

The warmth and wonderful smiles of the many friends and friendly strangers I’ve met here over the years, the island’s natural beauty, her colorful culture, incredible cuisine, and lively spirit always make me feel at home here, despite any language barriers.

Whenever I meet someone new in Martinique and they ask if I speak French I usually joke that I speak rhum, the cheeky quip always earning a laugh and smile that often leads to a ti’ punch.

The sentiment isn’t solely about drinking, though.

Truly, it’s more about approaching a foreign place like Martinique – one in which I don’t speak the language and most everything is new – with an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to step out of my comfort zone and experience all that the island has to offer, with no reservations.

I’ll be doing just that once again next week, and sharing my many varied experiences in the weeks and months to come, like always.

If you’re in Martinique next week and want to link up, or you know of any people, places, or experiences there that I shouldn’t miss, get in touch here.

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