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Martinique, Magnifique for Surfing

Don’t do it!

Her countenance was all kinds of stern; her eyes piercing right through me as the words escaped her lips. It was clear she meant business this time. She was serious. The wife was just all done with my surfing shenanigans.

I’d largely failed in all prior attempts at wave-riding glory. Tobago, St. Martin, back home in St. Croix – all landmarks of surfing shame for me.

Each time I returned a bit more battered, scarred, and chaffed than before. She always grinned and bore it, until now.

No more.

The reason: Martinique.

I’ve had my heart set on having another go at surfing there since Martinique Surf Pro put the destination on the map for surfing a few years ago.

A World Surf League (WSL) Qualification Series event, Martinique Surf Pro has attracted a who’s who of top competitive surfers from around the world to the small and charming seaside village of Basse-Pointe for each of the past four years.

No, I didn’t think I could compete in the event, but by the looks of the surfing there, I imagined, you know, that maybe, just maybe, I could finally shred just a little bit on waves like this…

Get ready for Martinique Surf Pro 2018

Alas, the wife has put up the stop sign… for now.

I’m thinking, though, that if I take her to the next Martinique Surf Pro event, she might change her mind. This year the fun goes down March 17-24. Even if I don’t get to take another shot at riding a few waves, the show put on by the pros, and the parties that follow each day of competition, promise to make for an awesome time in the Isle of Flowers.

For more info on the 2018 Martinique Surf Pro, click here.

Hope to see you in Basse-Pointe in March!


*Video credit: Martinique Surf Pro.

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