Martinique’s Pitons du Carbet… Exposed!

Like a lady, she always kept them hidden; the clouds like a blouse preserving her dignity; her pitons tucked safely away, reserved solely for herself… her special someone.

I had been traveling to Martinique multiple times each year for six years by then, each time taking the same scenic ferry ride from Trois-Ilets north across the Bay of Fort-de-France; a beeline to the capital placing me right in direct sight of them.

Never before, though, had I ascended to “special someone” status, her cloud–blouse revealing nothing; my eyes never blessed with the sight of Martinique’s marvelous Pitons du Carbet.

That all changed on the particular occasion pictured above, of course.

What was different? What did I do to win her heart?

I wish I knew as I haven’t seen Martinique’s Pitons in their full unclouded glory since.

Was it a tease? Just a fling?

I return to her every year hoping for answers… and another look at this rare and beautiful sight.

More on Martinique’s Pitons du Carbet here.

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