Notre-Dame de Sainte-Anne

Notre-Dame de Sainte-Anne – Strolling Among the Pews

There isn’t a whole lot to do in the quiet fishing village of Sainte-Anne in southern Martinique. This, of course, makes visiting here a particular joy to me. There are no flashy attractions here. No pulse-pounding nightclubs, or tourist trap nonsense. You come here to escape; to revel in a peaceful seaside community. The kind of peaceful community where you can always find open church doors. Open church doors that yield special moments like this – strolling among the pews inside the historic Notre-Dame de Sainte-Anne (aka: Notre Dame de la Salette). It’s a simple joy. One to be cherished at a slow, relaxed pace.

Wish you were here exploring la Notre-Dame de Sainte-Anne..?

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