One Minute to Discover More of Martinique


In the six+ years of Uncommon Caribbean’s existence, there’s no island I’ve visited more (eight trips and counting!); no island that I’ve written about quite as extensively.

Still, I don’t know everything about Martinique; haven’t explored all of her 436 square miles.

This video that I ran across recently reminded me of those facts…

Much of it should look familiar to longtime UC readers. Diamond Rock, Le Carbet, Mt. Pelée, La Caravelle – we’ve shared posts on our recent experiences at all of ’em.

Anse Dufour, though… Where’s that?!

La Savanne des Petrifications… What’s that?!

Anse Noir? Well, we’ve told you about a great little boutique hotel on these shores with an uncommon treehouse suite, but we’ve never so much as dipped our toes in that water.

So yeah, you can visit Martinique every year and never see and experience it all. More than enough reason for me to start planning my next visit right now!

These insanely low airfares sure help too…

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