Petite-Anse Martinique – Watching the Kids from the Shore in Style

Savvy moms know that it always pays to wear something bright and lively while watching your kids splashing around at the beach. At least it does when you want to make sure your little ones can spot you from amidst the waves. That little bit of reassurance young swimmers get from seeing mom can go a long way toward building confidence in the sea. I get the sense that this mom, who we happened along recently at Petite-Anse in southern Martinique, was thinking along those lines. There’s no way this mother’s kids could miss her, resplendent as she was in her colorful madras wrap. 

Her station, standing right at the surf line, was pretty smart too. The light-ash volcanic sands at Petite-Anse can get pretty hot underfoot, especially during the midday hours.

From this spot, this mom comfortably served as a fashionable beacon, emboldening her kids to fully enjoy the seas.

Wish you were here enjoying Petite-Anse Martinique..?

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