Earlier Today, Above the Caribbean, En Route To Martinique: Photo of the Day

Greetings from 30,000 feet above the Caribbean where I’m spending a couple hours of this fine Saturday comfortably enjoying views like this en-route to Martinique, courtesy of American Airlines’ tres-convenient nonstop weekly service from Miami. On my agenda over the next seven days: ADVENTURE!

If you’ve enjoyed our Martinique coverage to-date, I could see how you might find this hard to believe.

It’s true that we’ve touched on this special island’s adventure travel offerings before – hiking, surfing, scuba diving, canyoning, etc. It’s also true, though, that those posts have all been of a purely aspirational nature; me pining away over all the action, thrills, and spills I hoped to one day enjoy here.

Well, all that changes this week! Kayaking in Le Vauclin, hiking La Caravelle, trekking to Les Gorges de la Falaise and its majestic waterfalls – it’s all on the itinerary.

I’ll even get to try my hand at sailing a traditional Martinican yole boat for the first time!

Of course, I’ll make some time for rhum and fun at a few of my favorite haunts as well – Le Petibonum and Ti’ Sable tops among them – while also hoping to discover some new hidden gems.

All of these experiences will turn into posts here on Uncommon Caribbean soon enough, but if you want to follow along on my adventuring throughout the week, be sure to check us out on twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, where I’ll be posting new images and updates each and every day.

À bientôt!

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