Martinique’s Mount Pelée from Basse Pointe: Photo of the Day

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy the ominous beauty of Mount Pelée from several different vantage points over my many visits to Martinique over the years. From the sea, the sky, and surrounding mountain peaks, this most historic of Caribbean volcanoes is simply stunning from every angle.

Never before have been able to see her quite like this, though.

This is the view of Pelée from Basse Pointe, a tiny village nestled along the remote north Atlantic shore of Martinique. This is the home Rhum JM, one of the world’s most celebrated producers of rhum agricole, the brand benefiting from the rich volcanic soil in the shadow of Pelée.

Amazingly, despite more than 15 visits to Martinique in the past few years, the majority of them including stops at several of the island’s numerous rhum distilleries, I’ve never ventured over to JM, and thus, never enjoyed this view of Pelée.

It’s at the very top of my list for my next Martinique adventure, though; the chance to savor a taste of JM with a view like this enticement enough to draw me back to The Isle of Flowers as soon as possible…

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