The ‘Other’ Side of Ilet Oscar, Martinique: Photo of the Day

La Maison de L’Ilet Oscar provides an otherworldly rustic and insanely affordable private-island escape just off the Atlantic coast of Martinique (full details here).

The islet’s namesake guesthouse isn’t the only thing you’ll find out here, though…

The jetty pictured above lies just around the corner from La Maison. Venture out here on weekdays and you’ll normally find it just like this – virtually deserted, quiet, and peaceful; much like the vibe at La Maison.

On weekends, though, this side of Ilet Oscar takes on a decidedly louder and more raucous party vibe. Hip-shaking zouk booms from the bar area hidden just beyond the shore. Jet-skis and pleasure boats of all sizes race around the islet, while other boats moored in the shallows extend the fete from ships to shore.

It’s a wet and wild party scene I’ve yet to experience on my many trips out to Ilet Oscar, giving me another great reason to head back out here soon.

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