View From the Pool at Cap Est, Martinique: Photo of the Day

A Sunday in late-May, 5:55pm. Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa in Le Francois, Martinique; another sultry weekend in the sun slowly fading away… No better time or place for a dip in the pool.

This pool.

Like everything else at Cap Est, it’s just about perfect.

No swim-up bar, no water slide. No crazy lights, crowds, or superfluous noise. Just an elegant expanse of gently-chlorinated heaven – long enough for laps, wide enough to never feel crowded.

I love this pool.

The experience of swimming here just feels richer, more sublime than elsewhere. I know it’s just my imagination, but I always get the sense that the water is actually caressing my body as I make my way through it.

I can’t explain it. There’s just a different feel to tackling a few laps here.

On my last visit in late-May, the sublime richness of swimming here was amped up a notch or two by that sky. The crazy mix of clouds, the vibrant blues and subtle pinks further adding to the sweet salience of the moment, fueling memories that will forever draw me back for another dip.

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