Sunday by the sea in Martinique

Placid Plage du Pointe Marin, Martinique

The southern shores of Martinique caressed by the Caribbean Sea present some seriously storybook tropical beaches. You know, the kind with supple white sand tender underfoot, shade-granting sea grape trees stretching to the sea, and positively placid shallows inviting hours of swimming, soaking, and soothing good fun.

La Plage du Pointe Marin is one of my favorites among these special shores.

Set between Club Med Buccaneer’s Creek and the charming town of Sainte-Anne (Don’t miss the local market and this historic church in Sainte-Anne.), Pointe Marin Beach brings out a nice mix of visitors and locals, especially families with little ones, the calm waters an ideal proving ground for even the smallest new swimmers.

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