Rhum Clément 10 Year Grand Reserve

Rhum Clément 10 Year Grand Reserve – Gold Standard Rhum Agricole

Rhum Clément 10 Year Grand Reserve is not a gold rum. For me, though, it is the gold standard of rhum agricoles readily available in the United States.

Especially Extra-Special Rhum Agricole

As we’ve noted before, everything that Rhum Clément produces is special. The 10 Year Grand Reserve, though, is a tad extra-special. Per the brand…

Clément 10 year old Rhum Agricole is a limited release of select barrels chosen and kept aside by our Cellar Master for further aging to develop an unparalleled distinguished character, while following the time-honored traditions of Homere Clément…”

To be sure, this is an exalted taste experience; well above Clément VSOP, which is great in its own right. 

Gold Standard Rhum Agricole
Gold Standard Rhum Agricole | Photo by Steve Bennett

Like all true Martinican rhum agricole expressions, Rhum Clément 10 Year Grand Reserve is distilled from fresh pressed sugarcane juice. Every drop is aged a minimum of 10 years in a combination of virgin and re-charred oak barrels.

Rhum Clément 10 Tasting Notes

I suspect that virgin casks are employed disproportionately as the rhum bears a lighter color than you might expect of a 10 year old. The flavor also suggests this as dry grassy notes stand out well above nuanced traces of smoke and wood.

On the nose, Rhum Clément 10 is soft, delicate; light, like its color.

The first sip carries a very subtle burn; more of a tingle, really. Hints of orange peel and brown sugar build upon the dry, grassy notes, with the subtle charred wood rounding everything out in high style.

It’s a flavor experience worthy of an extended finish, the better to bask in its glory at a relaxed pace. Here, too, Clément 10 delivers with as polished and beautifully protracted a finish as you’ll find in its price range. 

Where To Buy Rhum Clément 10 Year Grand Reserve

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