Stealing a Little Romance in the Shallows of Pointe Marin, Martinique

Twenty years is a long time to put up with anything. When said thing is me, well… I imagine it must feel like an eternity for the person doing the putting up. Said person in this case today (and pictured here with me) is my wife, Kelly. Indeed, “the wife,” as she’s popularly referenced in these pages, deserves some kind of medal for the trials I’ve put her through over the nine+ years of Uncommon Caribbean. Why does she stick by me? Honestly, I’m a little afraid to know the full answer. Part of it, though, must surely center on moments like this, stealing a little romance in the shallows of la Plage de Pointe Marin in southern Martinique last summer. I guess it can’t be all bad if your husband’s “job” lands you the odd trip to the most exotic corners of the West Indies every now and again, right?

Anyway, happy 20th anniversary to us! Here’s to more uncommon travel adventures and moments like this…

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