Saint-Pierre Ruins

Saint-Pierre Ruins: Explore The Pompeii of the Caribbean

Europe, and more specifically Italy, has Pompeii. In the Caribbean we have the legendary city of Saint-Pierre in northern Martinique. Just as Pompeii was once wealthy and thriving, so too did Saint-Pierre rank among the elite cities of the world during its heyday. Saint-Pierre was a leading center of fine art, commerce, and technology throughout the 19th century. The historic 1902 eruption of Mount Pelée, though, changed all that. The Saint-Pierre ruins bear witness to the city’s tragic history.

As in Pompeii, visitors exploring the Saint-Pierre ruins experience a once-great ancient city frozen in a time long past. The brick walls of the city’s oldest surviving structures are still coasted in volcanic ash. Its bay is littered with shipwrecks from that fateful day in 1902. 

To be sure, it’s easy to see why Saint-Pierre is known as The Pompeii of the Caribbean.

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