Saturday Video: Almost Everything Magnifique About Martinique

If you’ve enjoyed the 90+ posts we’ve published on Martinique over the past couple years, then you’ll absolutely love this video. The footage showcases so many of the uncommon wonders and charms that Patrick and I have been fortunate to discover over our numerous trips to this special island over the past few years, that it’s hard to believe the run time is less than two minutes!

Most of the video centers around the Tour des Yoles Rondes, but you might also recognize shopping for fruits and spices (like Colombo) in one of the island’s many local markets, visiting Saint-Pierre, and the iconic view of St. Henry’s Church in Anse d’-Arlet.

There’s more, of course. Take a look for yourself and see what else you recognize.

Also, for more great films like this one, be sure to visit Christine Schmitthenner on Vimeo. She’s the visionary talent behind the piece, and by the looks of her website, a pretty amazing pro cinematographer with a predisposition to uncommon travel that fits right in around here…


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