Saturday Video: Experience Scuba Diving UNDER Diamond Rock, Martinique

Diving Martinique - Le Rocher du Diamant

We previously told you all about the uniquely uncommon dive experience at Diamond Rock, the hardscrabble rock jutting 600 feet from the sea off the southern shore of Martinique. Today, we’re giving you an even more unique look at exactly what it’s like to experience this incredible dive.

As noted in our earlier Diamond Rock post, the thing that sets the dive experience here apart from most everywhere else is that you can actually dive beneath the island. A narrow undersea cave runs the length of the island, enabling divers to submerge at one end and come out clear on the other side!

The video above shows you what it’s like to live this adventure at Diamond Rock, as well as a couple other choice dive sites in southern Martinique.

If you decide to take this plunge, there are scores of reputable dive operators in Martinique to choose from. (Here’s the list.) I might recommend Aqua Sud, though, as they’re based the closest to Diamond Rock and are very cool guys. Check ’em out online here.


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