Saturday Video: TransMartinique Insane Hiking Challenge

La TransMartinique 2012

We’ve had some fun featuring and even participating in some borderline insane Caribbean sporting events over the past couple years. This latest example, though, is one I know I could never complete.

It’s called La TransMartinique, and as shown in this promo video, it’s a beast.

The race covers a good 82 miles of running, hiking, scraping and clawing over the full north-south length of Martinique, from Grand Rivière in the north all the way to Sainte-Anne in the south, with a side trip through the capital, Fort-de-France, along the way. You’re expected to complete the course over three days in December, with some portions of the race occurring in the type of darkness that necessitates those dorky camping headlamps.

As our buddy Dave Keener could tell you stemming from his experience conquering the Volcano Half Marathon in Montserrat a couple years ago, it’s not so much the length that gets you with races like this as it is the elevation. La TransMartinique takes competitors up the soaring heights around Mt. Pelée – max. height: 4,600 feet!

Those scary stats, however, don’t have me most leery of this contest. Nope, I’m more concerned with the 10 rhum distilleries you’d have to pass along the course route. I’m pretty sure I’d get too easily distracted and never come close to finishing.

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