Saturday Video: Wet ‘n Wild Watersports Fun in Martinique

My just-completed trip to Martinique was filled with a lot more adventure-themed fun than all of my previous 10+ visits here combined, most of it enjoyed out on the water. Kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, boating – my daily wardrobe choices never veered far from boardshorts, sunglasses and not much else.

Among the watersports fun I didn’t get to try: kiteboarding.

Now, Martinique may not be Cabarete when it comes to the fastest-growing sport on the water, but it’s no slouch either as you can see in today’s featured video below…

The footage shows Spanish/French actor José Garcia trying his hand at kiteboarding earlier this year alongside some of the sport’s top pros, all of them competing in the UNICEF Kite Academy Challenge.

When they weren’t riding the waves, Garcia and his friends enjoyed a lot of the same things I got to do, see, and explore on my last trip. Here’s hoping I can realize my kiteboarding dreams and more fully match our experiences next time I’m in The Isle of Flowers

For kiteboarding lessons and other watersports fun in Martinique, check in with the the pros at FISE Academy Watersports.

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