Sexy Ti' Sable Soundtrack make lunch memorable in Martinique

Sexy Ti’ Sable Soundtrack Makes for Memorable Lunch in Martinique

As suggested by our latest Moment of Zen post, great music makes the uncommon places we visit all the more memorable, fun, and rewarding. This is especially true at sultry beach bars like Ti’ Sable in southern Martinique.

We’ve shared bits and pieces on what it’s like to eat dessert here, or simply enjoy the beach. Today, we’re giving you a listen of a small sampling of the sexy Ti’ Sable soundtrack.

You’ll notice right away that this isn’t your normal, run-of-the-mill West Indian watering hole.

Mixed in with the usual zouk, reggae, salsa, and contemporary pop and r&b prevalent most everywhere else in Martinique is an eclectic collection of sultry electronica, alternative, and dance tunes you’ll never hear over your local airwaves… (Click on the image below to hear the Ti Sable tunes.)

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Well, most of ’em you’ll never hear… Indeed, that is an old Hall & Oats classic mixed in there! The throwback provides a nice little musical bridge connecting authentic 80’s pop/soul with the 80’s-inspired hypnotic synth-pop of La Femme.

The sensual Ti’ Sable soundtrack only adds to restaurant’s sex-appeal, putting you at complete and total ease, all the while nudging you toward another ti’punch, some more acras; maybe a swim…

Is it any wonder I never want to leave here?

Ti Sable is tucked away on a tiny residential street in Les Anses d’Arlet. To find ’em, click here.


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