Spot Evasion and La joie du Martinique Carnaval

Spot Evasion Makes Enjoying Martinique Carnival Easy

It’s impossible to tell the full story of Martinique Carnival. At least that’s been my experience thus far. It’s been three years since Patrick and I came to know the utter jouissance that is the Caribbean’s most spontaneous and inclusive Carnival. To date, though, we haven’t managed to share much about the experience.

I mean, we were there. We dressed in homemade costumes fitting the unique theme for each day of the celebration. We danced and chipped our way up and down the streets of Fort-de-France well into every raucous night

Most incredibly, though, we even played Neg Gwo Siwo Mas, covering ourselves from head to toe with a molasses-based syrup and playfully terrorizing other revelers.

Yeah, we quite literally had THE TIME OF OUR LIVES!

An experience perhaps too deep, too stirring to put to words just yet.

Nevertheless, I do intend to share tales of our Martinique Carnival escapades soon. In the meantime, let’s all enjoy this great video from our friends at Spot Evasion.

The footage was shot during the very same 2019 Martinique Carnival that we survived. While much of what’s shown emulates the more tame side of the celebration, you get a good sense of the merriment made easier by Spot Evasion.

The Martinique-based tour company specializes in all sorts of fun and enriching cultural immersion excursions. Without them, we would not have managed to enjoy as much of Martinique Carnival as we did. 

For more information, check out Spot Evasion on Facebook. To link with them directly, drop us a line and we’ll happily put you in direct contact.


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